Do Guaranteed Same Day Loans Exist?

The truth about guaranteed same day loans is they don’t exist. You need to prove you can pay back a loan. So any lender that promises you a “guaranteed” loan is either falsely advertising or not legitimate.

How to choose a reputable lender?

The main qualifying factor to find a reputable lender is to make sure they are FCA regulated. You can google the lenders name and FCA and see. If they aren’t avoid this lender they’re offering illegal loans. The next step is check reviews on Trustpilot and see our list of same day lenders to find the best deal.

Starting with your loan application.

To apply for a same-day loan, you need first shop around for vendors and discover the best prices.
You may see the complete list of same-day loan offers we compiled.
After you’ve chosen a vendor, you’ll need to give the following information to apply:

(i) Decide how much you want to borrow.
(ii) Pick a time (we always recommend borrowing a shorter time as the interest rates are higher.)
(iii) Your next payday and the payday after that, as well as your payment frequency (ie fortnightly or monthly.)
(iv) Your entire name, address, and phone number
(v) Your type of residence (owner, tenant, family, etc.) and the length of time you’ve been there.
(vi) Relationship status.
(vii) Salary and other sources of revenue on a monthly basis.
(viii) If you have any children or other dependents.
(ix) Your budget, which includes food, rent, utilities, phone bills, transportation, loans, mortgages, and other expenses.
(x) Workplace information (job title, title, business name, industry, length of employment, work email, company size, and work website and email).

Boost your chances of loan approval

The best way to boost your chances of loan approval are:
(i) Find a co-signer parent or friend that can co-sign your loan it will massively increase your chances of getting a loan
(ii) Boost your credit score, you can do this by enrolling to vote in the UK. Check out this guide to everything you can do to boost your credit score.

Tl;dr unfortunately instant approval on same day loans does not exist.