50 Side Businesses You Can Start on Your Own

You can launch 50 side enterprises on your own.

1.Detailing is a term used to describe the process of cleaning. Clean, wash, and wax a client’s car thoroughly. This takes several hours on average, but you may charge a respectable hourly rate for the service. When this type of business is promoted on social media, it has a good chance of succeeding.

2. Babysitting. Babysitting is a type of child care that falls short of the state’s requirements for licensure.
A license is normally not required to watch one or two children on a regular basis, yet it is more difficult to build into a full-fledged business. This makes babysitting an ideal second job for individuals who enjoy working with youngsters.

3. Airbnb is a service that allows you to rent a room. You may simply turn a piece of your home into an Airbnb rental for tourists if you have a large home. This is especially true if you can separate a section of your home with its own entrance and exit, or if you reside in a different place for part of the year. Here’s how to get started with your own Airbnb.

4. Blogging and freelance writing. There are numerous ways to make money writing online. Check out sites like Fiverr where individuals will pay you to write one-off articles for a few dollars. If you want to make a name for yourself, platforms like Medium and Substack can help you do so. It will take time to earn a lot of money, but it’s the way to go in the long run.

5. Purchasing and reselling items on eBay. You can make money purchasing and reselling products on eBay if you have specialized understanding of a particular sort of item. Keep an eye out for such products at thrift stores and yard sales, and take advantage of any big bargains you come across.

6. Baking a cake. If you enjoy baking and have a knack for decorating, baking cakes for birthdays and weddings is a terrific job. To get started, the costs are modest, and there is always a need.
Before you do anything, double-check your state’s laws on baking and food preparation at home.

7. Plowing of snow. Snow plowing is an excellent method to generate money during the winter months if you can invest in a snow plow or blade for your truck. There is constantly new snow to clear from driveways and parking lots to create room for customers.

8. Walking the dog. Being a dog walker might be a nice side gig if you have free time during the week and enjoy dogs.

9. Customizing T-shirts is a fun way to express yourself. You can start a business creating bespoke T-shirts for individuals if you have a space to put a screen printing machine. This might be a lucrative side business if you have the necessary tools and a strong eye for design.

10. Painting in miniature. Painting miniatures and reselling them can be a lucrative business if you have an eye for detail. There is a sizable subculture dedicated to collecting painted miniatures, which are primarily used in tabletop games. You may easily sell these miniatures painted on Etsy, eBay, or other online marketplaces. This is a fantastic beginner’s guide.

11. Cleaning services for your home or company. Many people are short on time and find that simple house cleaning services or commercial cleaning services are beneficial. While many structured firms do it, you might be able to get clients if you go independent and charge a lesser fee, bypassing the intermediary.
You might also promote other services, such as washing service (you take X pounds of laundry, clean it, fold it, and return it for a certain amount per pound).

12. Accounting. Offering your skills as a bookkeeper to a small business or institution might be a lucrative side business if you’re an accountant. Many organizations have small-scale bookkeeping needs and are happy to employ someone to handle them, so try freelance bookkeeping or accounting if you’re looking for a little extra work and income that puts your abilities to good use!

13. Pet sitting is an option. This is an excellent addition to dog walking. People would hire you to look after their pets while they travel, either by bringing them to you or by feeding and caring for them while they are gone.

14. Small graphic design projects as a freelancer. If you have graphic design talents, you can find a plethora of little tasks on sites like Fiverr or Upwork, such as creating a short podcast logo.

15. Taking care of social media. Many small businesses want to be on social media but don’t have the resources to do so. You may manage a small business’s social media streams for a little price. The owner just emails you any new information or promotions about the business, which you then promote on social media.

16. Photography. You can work as an event photographer or a portrait photographer if you have a good camera setup and photographic skills.It’s a good idea to put together a portfolio of your greatest pictures for others to see for this. Start with photographing photographs of family and friends, as well as photos of events that showcase your work.

17. Restoration of antiques. Turning run-down antiques into exquisite works of art is a lucrative side business. It need a great deal of care and patience in order to avoid damaging or ruining the antique, which necessitates knowledge on how to correctly repair items.

18. Grooming services for pets. Pet grooming can be a lucrative side business if you enjoy working with animals. Many pet owners may employ someone to do things like wash their pets, clip their nails, and trim their hair, among other things. You should be aware that in many locations, this requires a kennel license, so check the requirements in your area before getting started.

19. Coordination of events. An event coordinator assists people in planning and executing smaller events.
Event planners are generally present at parties, community events, and other similar occasions to organize vendors and ensure that everything is in place for a successful event!

20. DJing events. Being an event DJ may be perfect for you if you have a good speaker system and enjoy playing music for people and getting them to dance (some emceeing is usually required).

21. I’m a fitness instructor. Many community centers and small fitness centers offer exercise classes based on teacher availability, and teachers are frequently compensated as a proportion of the class’s income. This could be a wonderful side gig to start if you’re really versed with the ins and outs of a specific form of workout.

22. Gardening, lawn, and landscaping services are available. Mowing yards, caring for yards with seed and fertilizer, trimming bushes, and taking care of gardens around homes are all part of this. Although some equipment is required, the jobs are simple if you are ready to put in the effort!

23. Handyman services are available. Offering handyman services could be ideal for you if you’re ready to do odd projects and little repairs around the house. Thumbtack has a lot of people who do this kind of work, so it would be a nice place to start.

24. Catering. Before you go ahead and do this, double-check your state’s laws on home food preparation.
Catering for events can be a nice side gig if you have a catering license. It necessitates food preparation and planning abilities, yet the service is quite useful in a variety of settings.

25. Decoration of the inside. Some people are simply untrained in the art of tastefully organizing a room in their home and require assistance to make it presentable (I would fall into this group).
An interior decorator can help with this. Starting your portfolio with examples of your personal decor can help you attract clients.

26. Cleaning up after your pet. Many people find themselves with overgrown yards or homes due to pet waste. You can help address this problem with the right tools and patience.

27. Knitting, crocheting, or quilting are all good options. These types of tasks are simple to complete at home with only a few tools. After that, you can sell your fabric things on the internet. Small quilts, knit baby hats, and crochet blankets are all popular on Etsy.

28. Creating e-books. If you enjoy writing and know how to compose longform fiction or nonfiction, ebook authoring could be a lucrative career route for you.You self-publish your books on Amazon’s Kindle store and/or other ebook retailers, promote them, and profit from each sale.

29. Making furniture is a craft. You can produce a lot of furniture and sell it for a profit if you have woodworking equipment and supplies on hand. End tables and Adirondack chairs are simple to make and sell in a small carpentry shop.

30. Preparing meals to take with you. This one is simple: you prepare whole family-sized meals that they can either take home and enjoy right away or take home and freeze and continue cooking later.
Before you go ahead and do this, double-check your state’s laws on home food preparation.

31. Personal or virtual assistance is available. A personal assistant, whether in-person or virtual, is very useful to many busy people. You simply manage the client’s life or minor business chores, such as phone calls, email communications, and other little personal errands.

32. Speaking in front of an audience / instructing. Is there a subject about which you are very knowledgeable? To hone your presentation, turn it into an hour-long talk and offer to give it at local libraries or other venues. If it appeals to you, you may be able to obtain paid speaking opportunities on the subject.

33. Making jewelry is a craft. If you have the materials, abilities, and taste to make jewelry, you may convert it into a lucrative side business by selling products on Etsy or other online marketplaces. The majority of the tools are affordable, and you can learn how to use them on YouTube.

34. Produce for sale is grown. You can raise a lot of food and sell the extra at farmers markets or straight to grocery stores if you have a lot of yard space and enjoy gardening.This was a side company that my father ran for many years, primarily with tomatoes and potatoes, and he found it to be extremely profitable.

35. Editing and proofreading. Proofreading and editing might be a lucrative side business for someone who is proficient with written language. You can begin developing your résumé by visiting sites such as Fiverr or Upwork. Clients will keep coming back to you if you do good work.

36. Scrapbookmaking. Many people desire attractive scrapbooks and photo albums of significant events or times in their lives. For a price, they hand you some images and mementos, which you arrange into a bespoke scrapbook.

37. Driving a delivery truck. During COVID, this became a highly popular side business, with many people earning a few dollars driving their own car to make deliveries for services like DoorDash. You open the app when you’re available, and you’ll be contacted for deliveries.

38. Providing assistance to senior citizens. Many families desire to employ someone to help elders they care about with simple duties such as food preparation, grocery shopping, and basic house cleaning, as well as simply being a companion and someone to chat to. This can be a terrific side gig if you’re pleasant and can converse well with senior adults.

39. Altering and sewing. Simple sewing projects and garment modifications can be turned into a side business if you have a sewing machine and know how to utilize it.

40. Troubleshooting a computer. Computer problems can be aggravating, especially for those who aren’t very tech-savvy. Making house calls to solve computer and basic home networking issues can be a lucrative side hustle.

41. Decorating for the holidays. Some families enjoy having attractive seasonal decorations but lack the time to do so properly. For a fee, you can assist customers in setting up yard displays for holidays such as Halloween or Christmas. They offer you a budget, you spend it on the stuff you want, and you get paid on top of it.

42. Making resale soap and spa items. Many basic soap and spa items can be created at home, albeit some of them contain chemicals that should be handled with caution. You should also research into your state’s specific rules and regulations regarding the manufacture and sale of such items.

43. It is possible to teach a musical instrument. You can become a private music instructor if you know how to play a musical instrument properly and have patience. You’ll frequently be teaching beginners, generally children, the fundamentals as they decide if the instrument is suited for them.

44. Tutoring. If you are an expert in a specific academic subject, such as your college major, you may be a good fit for coaching pupils in that area.

45. Making apps for smartphones. You can learn a language like SwiftUI and spend your spare time making smartphone apps if you’re a talented computer programmer. Above all, it begins with a fantastic app concept.

46. Creating a website. Many small businesses and individuals would love to hire you to increase their web presence if you’re skilled in web technologies and design. Volunteering to construct sites for small public events can help you establish a portfolio, which you can then utilize to acquire paying clients.

47. Wedding preparations. This builds on the previous “event coordinator” concept by focusing on a single, complex event. Wedding planning entails arranging a large number of vendors and being sensitive to the bride and groom’s wants and desires. This can be a terrific side gig if you’re a “people person” and well-organized.

48. Translating. Are you able to communicate fluently in another language? This skill alone qualifies you for a lucrative side job as a translator. There may be times when someone requires someone to translate on their behalf. On services like Upwork, there are many translation gigs available, and a good performance can lead to a long-term client.

49. Coaching for business or life. Many people already have the resources they need to create the life they choose; all they need is some direction and determination. If you’re a superb communicator who can turn abstract ideas into tangible goals and plans, you could make an excellent business or life coach.
Check with your state to see if there are any certification or education requirements.

50. Writing a resume. People on the job market frequently require assistance in polishing their resumes to make them shine.