Is Dutchess Partners Legitimate?

Dutchess partners have a bad reputation as they send our pre approved debt consolidation checks but aren’t actually a lender, they are a marketing service for debt consolidation companies so they may not even connect you with the offer they sent out. In many cases the offers aren’t actually even close to what they can get you. It’s a typical bait and switch.

Dutchess Partners are not BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited. The reviews for Dutchess are pretty poor here’s the only two on the BBB website:

John L(1 star) – 05/13/2020

“If I could give them less than one star I would right from the get go their website claims they are in Colorado with an address. Here it says there in Kentucky the phone number claims that they are based in New York and the guy tells me he is in New Jersey on the phone. They also claim to be a debt consolidation lender which after talking to them you find out they are not in fact they are not getting you a loan at all they’re just going to destroy your credit by contacting each creditor in putting it in the default then negotiating a 0% interest collection pay back that will destroy your credit and pay off the debt for a lesser amount as well as putting money in their pocket. You can do the same thing that they are doing without their help just by calling your lender or credit card company in saying I can’t afford to pay my bill can we work something out.”

Michael B(1star) 10/29/2019

“Horrible customer service. And they just took my personal information and never called me back, * *** **** ** ****** ** *** *** *** ******** ******** ******”

So be aware if you decide to accept any offer from Dutchess.