The top 5 credit monitoring services of 2021

  1. Identity Guard Check Rates are the best overall.

The plans offered by Identity Guard are extremely cost-effective.
Choose the Total or Ultra package if you want both credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

Premium Plan: $8.99

With options that accommodate to various budgets and conditions, Identity Guard has secured 47 million identities. Identity Guard is all about preventing identity theft, but it also includes credit and financial monitoring. It provides some of the most comprehensive credit monitoring services available.
The top-tier Total and Ultra services from Identity Guard feature triple-bureau credit change monitoring and alerts, as well as monthly credit scores based on your TransUnion credit file.

Identity Guard employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies and offers full identity theft prevention.

2. LifeLock Check Rates are the best for identity protection.

If you want comprehensive credit monitoring and identity protection, LifeLock’s Ultimate Plus is a wonderful option.

Basic Strategy

Premium Plan: $9.99
Mobile App for $29.99

LifeLock collaborates with Norton to deliver “all-in-one” identity theft protection that blocks, detects, and resolves issues. LifeLock and Norton partnered to produce a full-featured identity protection and cybersecurity product in recent years. The warning from Norton is clear: spending more time online increases the danger of identity theft.As you can guess, there is a lot of emphasis on keeping electronics secure.

However, the Standard, Select, and Advantage plans only include credit monitoring for one bureau if you use LifeLock for credit monitoring. You’ll get triple-bureau credit monitoring and monthly VantageScore tracking with the Ultimate Plus.

3. Identity Force has the best family plan.

Customer service is excellent with IdentityForce, but credit monitoring is only available with the premium subscription.

Premium Plan $17.95 Basic Plan $17.95
Mobile App: $23.99

IdentityForce, which has over 40 years of experience in identity protection solutions, promises to provide people and families with complete peace of mind. In stolen identity-related occurrences, IdentityForce has a 100 percent recovery success record, a 95 percent member satisfaction rating, and a 98 percent member retention rate. Customer care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at IdentityForce.

The UltraSecure+Credit credit monitoring service includes triple-credit bureau monitoring, reports, and scores. A credit score tracker and simulator will also be available to you.
Its ChildWatch solution includes constant identity surveillance, social media monitoring, and SSN tracing.

4. Experian is the best for triple-bureau credit monitoring.

Experian offers a variety of alternatives to fit every budget.
The benefits of each product are clearly labeled, making it simple to compare and select the best plan.

$0.00 for the Basic Plan and $0.00 for the Premium Plan
$19.99 for the mobile app

Experian, one of the “big three” national credit reporting agencies, offers triple-bureau credit monitoring and one-time credit report access. Experian is a well-known brand that manages credit information for more than 220 million people in North America alone. Experian is well-known for its thoroughness, and it is often employed by lenders. Experian’s credit report will certainly pick up on credit applications made in your name, making it incredibly useful.

Experian’s product range is one of its best features. You can get one-time access to either your Experian credit report and FICO score or reports and scores from all three agencies by signing up for free credit monitoring or premium subscriptions. Separate identity theft protection programs are also available.

5. TransUnion is the best option for a one-time credit report.

For $11.50, TransUnion will provide you with one-time access to your TransUnion credit report.
If you don’t need extra credit monitoring or identity protection services, it’s a cost-effective alternative.

TransUnion, another major credit bureau, offers a credit monitoring service as well as one-time access to your credit report and VantageScore. TransUnion views its function as allowing consumers and businesses to trust one another. It accomplishes this by using its credit report and credit score, which are based on the VantageScore algorithm, to provide an accurate and comprehensive picture of each individual.
Despite the fact that VantageScore is gaining market dominance, lenders still prefer to analyze applicants using FICO.

TransUnion is a well-known company that provides credit monitoring and identity protection services to its more than 12 million customers. TransUnion’s website, on the other hand, is a little harder to use, and the membership benefits aren’t as obvious as they are on competitors’ websites. Although it provides one-time access to your TransUnion credit report and the option to acquire your VantageScore as an add-on, it is difficult to discover instructions on how to do so.

Credit monitoring services are what they sound like.

Credit monitoring services check your credit report for inaccuracies and unusual account activity on a regular basis. You’ll be able to repair your credit and keep your credit score in check if you’re aware of errors on your credit report.It can also assist you in recovering losses if you are alerted to possible fraud.
If someone tries to open a new account with your details, for example, you’ll be notified. Most credit monitoring services include insurance that covers the costs of reclaiming your identity, and most premium plans include access to your credit reports and scores.

Credit monitoring companies and how they function

Consumers gain from credit monitoring services in two ways:
To begin, they monitor your credit file and notify you if someone attempts to register a new account using your information, make a major purchase, or change the address on one of your credit cards.
You’ll be able to tell if new information on your credit report has arrived as a result of fraud this way.
You might not notice identity theft until it has already wrecked your credit if you don’t have these notifications.

Second, credit monitoring businesses give customers access to their credit reports and scores, which can help them understand how their borrowing and spending habits affect their credit score.
Increasing your credit score can save you thousands of dollars in interest rates and insurance premiums, therefore if it allows you to increase your score, a credit monitoring service may be well worth the money.

What does credit monitoring entail?

Some credit monitoring services include: In addition to alerts about activity on your credit file and access to your credit reports and ratings, some credit monitoring services include:

Insurance protection against identity theft
Monitoring the dark web
Credit is immediately frozen.
Court records are being monitored.
Monitoring of payday loans
Residents in the area are being watched by a sex offender.
Monitoring of children’s profiles on social media

Simulator for scoring:
Calculate the effect of several factors on your credit score.

Some credit monitoring services only give you access to one bureau’s scores and reports, while others give you access to all three. However, most credit monitoring businesses scan at least one bureau for newly established accounts or credit queries.

Credit monitoring services and how they protect your accounts

Only alerts about activity on your credit report are sent out by credit monitoring services.
While they won’t notify you about every single case of identity theft, they will keep an eye out for the following:

Inquiries into your credit history
Accounts that are brand new
Payments that are late
Purchases of very big amounts
Records of bankruptcies
Records of the legal system
Credit limit adjustments
Contact information has changed.

If you find activity on your credit report that doesn’t match your recent borrowing behavior (for example, a hard credit inquiry but no application for a credit card), you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and have your credit frozen so that no one can open a new account in your name.

The benefits and drawbacks of credit monitoring services


Educates people on how their credit score is affected.
Aids in the detection and response to fraud.
Recognizes and corrects errors.
Provides access to lawyers and experts


You can monitor your own credit for free
Doesn’t prevent identity theft
Insurance doesn’t typically cover stolen money

How to choose the best credit monitoring company for you

Decide if you need identity protection, credit report access, or both.
Decide who you need covered. Do you need protection for just you, or your spouse and children as well? Consider the value of different family plans. Decide what additional features are important to you. Do you want identity monitoring outside of your credit profile, such as dark web monitoring or payday loan monitoring? Many services offer these protections in addition to basic features. Read the fine print. On your shortlist of choices, be sure to compare what’s actually covered under identity theft insurance, and make sure you fully understand what you’re getting for the cost. Sort your choices by value. Once you have selected plans that cover everything you need, list them in order of total price, including any billing discounts or other offers, to find the best deal. Test it out. Some credit monitoring companies offer a free trial or allow you to cancel after a month. You might want to test out the service to make sure it provides everything you need and is worth the cost.

Credit monitoring FAQs

It depends on the service provider and the plan you choose. You can get a value plan with Identity Guard for just $7.50 per month when billed annually, while more robust services will set you back closer to $30 per month. Some plans come with a free trial, and most offer billing discounts if you pay annually.

Free credit monitoring is available through companies like Credit Karma and Credit Sesame. However, the features of these services are limited when compared to paid plans. You can also monitor your credit yourself by accessing a free annual report from each of the credit bureaus, although you won’t be able to catch errors or fraud attempts in real-time.

Some people believe credit monitoring services are worth it for the peace of mind, while others think they provide educational benefits that can lead to healthier credit. If you need help with your credit score and would feel safer with someone looking after your credit report, a credit monitoring service will probably be worth it for you. Just know there are steps you can take on your own that will also mitigate your risk. Whether you hire a service or DIY, there’s no surefire way to prevent identity theft.