Is Credit9 Legitimate?

Credit9 are a legitimate lender they are BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited since 2018, they also have 4.4 star score on Trustpilot meaning most of their 718 reviews are positive.

The main criticism leveled against them is poor customer service and not very timely payouts. So be sure to apply to Credit9 well in advance of any of your payment obligations for loans.

The BBB ratings for Credit9 are significantly worse than the Trustpilot scores. Here are a few below:

“On January 19, 2021, I started to complete an offer that I received in the mail. However, the computer interface seemed to give me issues. I just decided not to go further. Later that evening I had a customer service representative call me. This representative identified herself as Rene with a telephone number. She became pushy and was kind of rude. I asked to speak with someone else. She then hung up the phone. I called back and a voice mail picked up, so I hung up the phone. I then received a call from Rene who proceeded to lecture me about screaming at her. I told her that I wanted someone else to contact me. She muttered something while addressing me by my first name without any respect at all. She spoke to me as if I were a child. She then hung up the phone. In other words, she wanted to have her say. I was not to say anything.”

Anonymous 01/19/2021

“I received a document in the mail from Credit9 saying they would give out loans. I went through the process, asking if they are a debt consolation firm. I spoke with Tony, and he would not answer me until he reviewed my “case” with me. Nowhere no the document does it say anything other than it is for a loan. Turns out it IS a debt consolation loan. I hung up and immediately sent this complaint form”

Anonymous 08/24/2020

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