Centurion Financial Reviews

Centurion Financial are BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited, but have mixed reviews from customers. Many complaints are about sub standard customer service and arrogant customer service representatives (who are apparently very condescending.)

They send out pre approved mailers that can be misleading, many times offering a lower APR than they can actually guarantee. Here’s an example of a mailer a review about these pre approved offers:

“Misinformation on their mail-in offer! Their comparison to current minimum monthly payment is just ridiculous. It was $1000 monthly for $25,000 at 21.99%, time to payoff 226 months. This is not a joke, that’s what they printed on their offer! How can you trust such company if there are lies from the first page. In reality you’ll pay it off in 34 months if you’ll pay $1000 vs. their 48 months repayment at 6% of $587 monthly. And you will save only $5,560 instead of claimed $17,500 according to the real calculations. But even according to their example you can save $197,817 on $25,000 debt. I think this company needs somebody who can count.”

Centurion Financial reviews from BBB

Centurion Financial reviews on the BBB website are an average 2.71 stars. Although the two 5 stars reviews look a little spammy, possibly left by employees or friends of the company.

We recommend that you don’t sign up for Centurion Financial given the poor customer service and misleading mailers. We recommend you check out other debt consolidation offers from lenders that are more reputable and have more transparent terms. You can see a full list of debt consolidation lenders we put together, at this stage none of them pay us for this, so you can rest assured the rates we collected are accurate. It always pays to work with lenders with more reviews, that are BBB accredited and that have transparent terms about their APR and how re-payments work.