Wireless Credit Card Machine

There are a number of wireless credit card machines on the market so if you run a store where you need to take the card reader to your customer these fit perfectly. They will all require being charged either plugged into a wall or card holder stand when not in use or connected to a smart device that is charged.

What are they?

Wireless credit card machines are devices that accept credit cards without needing to connect to a phone line or ethernet cable. They can process payments via wifi, a sim card or connect directly to a device’s 3G or wifi.

How are they different from traditional card readers

Wireless credit card machines are different from traditional readers as they are typically much smaller and cheaper than the larger devices. They’re offered by newer startup FinTech companies.

How do wireless credit card machines dominate the current market

They have dominated at least a part of the market, any stores that aren’t franchises are using these devices as they’re cheap and easy to set up.

Should you get one?

If you need to process payments away from a till or counter where you can have a device permanently plugged in.

Security or other concerns you may have

Wireless card machine are pretty safe, as safe as their non wireless counterparts. Swiped cards are the least safe method of accepting payments, the safest being EMV.

Is it future proof

Any wireless card machine that can accept NFC is futureproof as they can accept payments from the major non card forms of payment including WePay. If you want to go one step further to future proof your card machine, we recommend a machine that can accept Crypto. Go Crypto does exactly that.

What are the best portable credit card machines?

Square Reader for Magstripe – Square’s Magstripe device is one of the best wireless card machine for small businesses. It works with the free Square Point of Sale app and connects to your iPhone or Android device by the audio jack or charging point (for newer iPhones.) It won’t accept contactless cards but accepts swipe cards. It is free. It will last as long as your devices battery and is portable as your device is.

Square Reader for Contactless and Chip – Square’s contactless and chip reader enables you to accept chip cards, contactless (NFC) cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay anywhere. Connect wirelessly, accept credit and debit cards quickly, and get money in your bank account fast. It costs $49, it should last a full day without a charge but it depends how much you use it.

Square Terminal – The portable Square wireless payment terminal houses a strong battery and allows your business to accept chip, PIN, and contactless card-based payments. You won’t need to connect a phone, computer, or ipad to this to make it work and it also prints its own receipts. It costs $299, and last a full day from a full charge.

All Square credit card machines charge a flat 2.6% for all in person payments and 3.5% plus a 10 cents per transaction fee.

QuickBooks All-in-One Card Reader – Accept all types of payments with only one small, wireless credit card reader.This reader is portable and dependable, and it holds a charge for up to a week, allowing you to never miss a sale.Secure EMV chips, credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay. The Bluetooth-enabled all-in-one card reader connects wirelessly to your register tablet. It costs $49 and the fees on in person transactions are 2.4% + 25 cents. For keyed in /over the phone they charge 3.4% + 25 cents.

Stripe BBPOS Chipper – The BBPOS Chipper 2X BT is a handheld wireless credit card machine for use with mobile applications. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) to connect to the Stripe Terminal SDK on a mobile device. The Chipper™ 2X BT processes, swipe, chip and NFC or close proximity transactions so you can accept new forms of payment, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, VISA Paywave, MasterCard PayPass, AMEX ExpressPay and Discover D-PAS. The battery life is 5000 swipes or 1000 EMV transactions. It costs $59.

Stripe Verifone P400 – The Verifone P400 is a countertop wireless credit card machine it connects to the Stripe Terminal SDK over the internet, it’s one of the larger portable credit card machines and has a pin pad. It accepts all payment types and connects to the internet via ethernet or wifi for wireless. It costs $249.

Stripe charges 2.7% + 5 cents for in person transactions and 3.4% + 5 cents for keyed in and non present transactions.

Clover Go – Is a small square portable credit card reader that accepts all payment types. It lasts for 160 swiped transactions and 130 contactless transactions. It connects to your smartphone via bluetooth.It is one of the only portable readers that come with a tiered monthly subscription which lowers the transaction fees. For the free plan they charge 2.6% + 10 cents for in person payments and 3.5% + 10 cents for keyed in. If you’re willing to pay $39 a month the fee goes down to 2.3% + 10 cents for in person and stays the same for keyed in.

Stax’s EMV terminal PAX A920 – The A920 is a mPOS wireless credit card machine that connects via wifi, it has a printer, accepts all card types and has 10 hours battery life. It’s free.

Stax’s Chipper 2X BT – Fattmerchant’s product Stax is one of the cheapest offers on the market. The Chipper 2X BT is accepts all payment types. It’s free.

Stax charge the interchange rate for card processing (they differ based on the bank 0.3-1.8%) and then $0.08 per transaction

Shopify Tap & Chip Card Reader – Shopify’s wireless credit card machine accepts tap and chip payments from customers. Connects wirelessly to your tablet or mobile phone using Bluetooth. It costs $49 but they don’t disclose their transaction pricing.

Helcim Card Reader – The Helcim card reader is a portable credit card reader that boasts some impressively low fees. It has 12 hours battery life it can connect to the Helcim POS via wifi, bluetooth or USB. They price the fees based on volume and size of average transaction. So this card reader is great for those who have significant monthly revenue or those who sell higher ticket items. It comes with a $199 price tag.