Credit Card Machine Maker

Credit card machine makers are not something you will have come across often. They’re smaller scale credit card embossing machines for institutions that want to create their own cards. Of course anyone can make embossed cards, but to offer cards that work you need to work with a card scheme like MasterCard, Visa or Amex.

What can you do with a credit card machine maker?

The machines main use is to emboss cards so if you’d like to use it to make member cards, gift cards or other embossed cards then this kind of machine will work for you. Since it’s manually you’ll be limited to how many you can make by hand.

These embossing machines are available on Alibaba and Amazon and range from $150-300. For example the “Enshey 72-Character Embossing Machine Card Embosser Printer PVC Credit Card/Gift Card Embosser Stamping Machine Credit ID VIP Magnetic Manual Embossing Machine.” Here are it’s specs:

  • 72 characters manual PVC Card Embossing Machine; heavy duty steel construction
  • Easy to Use with No Skilled Training Required, Just Turn the dial to the Character You Want and Pull the Lever
  • The card embosser adopts ISO International Credit Card Special Characters
  • The embossing machine is the necessary equipment of PVC card’s post production and processing.
  • This manual embosser has the characteristics of steady structure, accurate position, small volume, beautiful appearance and simple operation.