A Guide to Getting Rid of Unwanted Objects

One of the first things I did as I started to right my financial ship was sell off a lot of items that were taking up room in my closet. I tried a variety of methods to get rid of them. Here are some of the most significant findings I made. Your time is valuable. … Read more

What Are The Best IRA Accounts of 2022?

TD Ameritrade is a top online broker for both trading and long-term investing. Fees $0.00 Minimum Deposit $0.00796 out of 1,000 for customer satisfaction TD Ameritrade is a top online broker for both trading and long-term investing. You have access to whatever resource you need as a client, from banking services to complex trading tools, … Read more

The Top 30 Fintech Apps for People and Small Businesses in 2021

Originally post appeared on The Financially Independent Millennial FinTech or financial technology has been changing the way people and small businesses interact with their money, borrow money, bank, charge customers, save and invest. The proliferation of fintech apps (digital finance technology) has opened doors for millions to do business in different ways or offer entirely … Read more

What Is An Emergency Savings Account?

Understanding what an emergency fund is is the first step in the process.An emergency fund is money set aside for the sole purpose of allowing you to continue living your usual life in the face of unforeseen circumstances.Most of the time, you shouldn’t touch your emergency money; it should just sit there earning a little … Read more

Seventeen Actionable Money Saving Tips

There are a number of ways to save money by budgeting, changing your relationship with money and altering how and what you consume. With a bit of planning you can save yourself hundreds or even thousands a year. It involves getting a tad crafty with hygiene products, prepping meals and eating out less , utilizing … Read more