What Are The Four C’s Of Credit and Why They Matter?

There are actually 5 C’s of credit which are the following: 1. Character (or credit history) it’s closely associated with your credit history, how well you’ve paid bills in the past.2.Capacity which basically looks at how possible it is you can pay back debt based on your current debts, costs, salary and all your other … Read more

Is Revolving Debt Worse Than Installment Debt for Your Credit Score?

It’s critical to comprehend how different types of accounts effect your credit.For example, how do revolving and installment loans affect your credit score? Installment vs. revolving credit If you’re not sure what the difference between revolving and installment credit accounts is, start by defining these terms: Installment credit is a type of loan that you … Read more

The Emotional Strain of Debt

Whether it’s “good debt” or “bad debt,” the truth is that any debt can have significant emotional consequences.Many of us already know this, but studies indicate that debt is about much more than money.Being in debt can cause a variety of emotional and psychological problems. According to CreditCards.com, the average American has $15,950 in credit … Read more

Stonedale Partners Scam

Stonedale Partners are not a lender so be aware that they are a marketing company that send out pre approved offers of debt consolidation. The reviews of Stonedale Partners are pretty poor, they criticized for offering expensive debt relief programs. The way they work is they match consumers with a network of undisclosed network of … Read more

Is Dutchess Partners Legitimate?

Dutchess partners have a bad reputation as they send our pre approved debt consolidation checks but aren’t actually a lender, they are a marketing service for debt consolidation companies so they may not even connect you with the offer they sent out. In many cases the offers aren’t actually even close to what they can … Read more

Is Credit9 Legitimate?

Credit 9

Credit9 are a legitimate lender they are BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited since 2018, they also have 4.4 star score on Trustpilot meaning most of their 718 reviews are positive. The main criticism leveled against them is poor customer service and not very timely payouts. So be sure to apply to Credit9 well in advance … Read more

Is Nickel Advisors A Legitimate Company?

Nickel Advisors send out mailers and cold calls and target lower credit score consumers to lure them in. However they are said to switch consumers to higher cost loans so be wary. Nickel Advisors are not accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and have been accused of profiting off taking advantage of those they … Read more

Centurion Financial Reviews

Centurion Financial are BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited, but have mixed reviews from customers. Many complaints are about sub standard customer service and arrogant customer service representatives (who are apparently very condescending.) They send out pre approved mailers that can be misleading, many times offering a lower APR than they can actually guarantee. Here’s an … Read more