Credit Card Machine Maker

Credit card machine makers are not something you will have come across often. They’re smaller scale credit card embossing machines for institutions that want to create their own cards. Of course anyone can make embossed cards, but to offer cards that work you need to work with a card scheme like MasterCard, Visa or Amex. … Read more

Credit Card Reader for Vending Machines

A credit card reader for vending machines also known as a credit card bezel are small square boxes that you can install on a vending machine to accept cards for your vending machine. How to install a credit card bezel The installation process is a little tricky and requires you to remove the bill validator … Read more

What to do if my card machine is down

What to do if my card machine is down Problems with Card Reading A credit card machine is made up of a magnetic reader that reads and decodes data encoded in small magnets embedded in the card’s stripe.There can be issues accepting card payments if the credit card terminal is unable to read the card.It … Read more

Wireless Credit Card Machine

Magstripe portable reader

There are a number of wireless credit card machines on the market so if you run a store where you need to take the card reader to your customer these fit perfectly. They will all require being charged either plugged into a wall or card holder stand when not in use or connected to a … Read more

Clover Credit Card Machine

Clover is a software and hardware company with a line of products to help business accept payments in store and online. They have three full point of sale machines, two credit card readers and a software platform to accept payments with no hardware. Their line of products covers point of sales, online ordering, gift cards, … Read more