Should You Self-Finance Your Company If You’re Bootstrapping It?

It makes sense to pay for expenses out of your own pocket when you’re first starting out in business.However, if you wish to speed your growth or require additional funds for other reasons, you’ll need to decide where you’ll look for funding.Some entrepreneurs seek small company loans, while others seek venture capital in the form … Read more

Should a Salon Use Online Booking Software? Pros & Cons

Did you know that 35% of clients prefer to schedule appointments outside of regular office hours?Furthermore, 25% of millennials (those under the age of 35) only make appointments online. If you have an established website for your salon or spa, introducing online booking could increase appointments by 25%.While no complete study has been conducted on … Read more

Is Revolving Debt Worse Than Installment Debt for Your Credit Score?

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The Emotional Strain of Debt

Whether it’s “good debt” or “bad debt,” the truth is that any debt can have significant emotional consequences.Many of us already know this, but studies indicate that debt is about much more than money.Being in debt can cause a variety of emotional and psychological problems. According to, the average American has $15,950 in credit … Read more

Rental Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

Examining the fine print of insurance coverage options while renting a car can be difficult and, let’s face it, uninspiring.It’s not as thrilling as deciding between a showy convertible, a practical compact, or a seven-seat monster SUV. You could be thinking to yourself, “Do I really need insurance?”Isn’t it true that my auto insurance won’t … Read more

How to Choose a Bank Account

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Millennial Small Business Trends

Every year the Small Business Trends Alliance (SBTA) and Guidant Financial do a survey about the state of small business to gain insights into how business is changing and learn about millennial businesses in the U.S. Below we’ll recount their findings about how these young business owners work, their challenges, preferences and how this differs … Read more

What is Makara? The world’s first crypto robo-advisor.

Makara is the first ever robo advisor ( technology platform that automatically invests money in assets based on data from the markets and algorithms that predict up and down turns.) It is registered with the SEC so it’s got the regulatory green light to offer and launched in June 2021 to 20,000 users. The service … Read more

Same Day Loans For People on Benefits (2021)

If you’re on benefits you’ve probably asked yourself if it is possible to get access to an immediate or same day loan. You’re much more likely to be able to get one if you’re on benefits if you can afford the regular repayments. Either with savings, the benefits you’re earning or other income you may … Read more