How to Get Debt Consolidation Loans with Bad Credit

What is debt consolidation Debt consolidation is a way to bundle all your high interest debts into one easily manageable and ideally lower interest loan. Multiple debts are consolidated into a single, larger liability, such as a loan, with more favorable repayment terms, such as a reduced interest rate, a lower monthly payment, or both.Student … Read more

How To Apply For Same Day Loans Online?

Applying for a small loan online is fairly straightforward, it shouldn’t take much longer than one hour. The online process of same day loans requires you to first choose an amount you want to borrow. Which is usually between £100-3500 and choose for how long 1-24 months typically. You need to be at least 18, … Read more

What Is An Emergency Savings Account?

Understanding what an emergency fund is is the first step in the process.An emergency fund is money set aside for the sole purpose of allowing you to continue living your usual life in the face of unforeseen circumstances.Most of the time, you shouldn’t touch your emergency money; it should just sit there earning a little … Read more

11 Ways To Get Out Of Debt

According to Bankrate as of September 2021, the average consumer in American had debt of $92,727. This figure includes credit card debt, student loans, mortgages, personal loans and other loans. According to a Pew Research study, more than half of Americans spend more than they earn each month and rely on credit to make up … Read more

Ten Work From Home Jobs (2021)

Businesses around the world shut down their offices and transferred their employees to remote work when the coronavirus (COVID-19) was designated a pandemic.This has even been labeled “the world’s largest work from home experiment” by TIME magazine. While staff hunker down in their newly-assembled home offices, COVID-19 may demonstrate how remote work may be successful … Read more

What are Quick Loans?

Quick Loans

A quick loan is a short sharp loan , designed to be used for an emergency. The idea is a lender applies and gets access to the capital within a day or max two. Quick loans are also referred to as same day loans. How are they different from regular personal loans? Quick loans are … Read more

What to do if my card machine is down

What to do if my card machine is down Problems with Card Reading A credit card machine is made up of a magnetic reader that reads and decodes data encoded in small magnets embedded in the card’s stripe.There can be issues accepting card payments if the credit card terminal is unable to read the card.It … Read more

Wireless Credit Card Machine

Magstripe portable reader

There are a number of wireless credit card machines on the market so if you run a store where you need to take the card reader to your customer these fit perfectly. They will all require being charged either plugged into a wall or card holder stand when not in use or connected to a … Read more

What Are The Four C’s Of Credit and Why They Matter?

There are actually 5 C’s of credit which are the following: 1. Character (or credit history) it’s closely associated with your credit history, how well you’ve paid bills in the past.2.Capacity which basically looks at how possible it is you can pay back debt based on your current debts, costs, salary and all your other … Read more

What is Genoapay?

Genoapay is a buy now pay later (or installment payments) website designed to help you pay for goods in installments.Other ‘buy now, pay later’ plans are available at major and big-name retailers, but Genoapay is offered at a variety of smaller, less-known retailers.Genoapay is more commonly seen at service-based businesses, with many dentists, automotive, health … Read more