Same Day Loans For People With a Bad Credit Score (2021)

Same day loans bad credit

What is a small loan for bad credit? A same day loan is a short and quick loan designed for unexpected expenses. People apply for these loans to cover a broken household appliance, a car break down, an unexpected vet bill or other similar expenses that pop up. A bad credit same day loan is … Read more

What are Same day loans?

Same Day loans

Same day loans are instant personal loans granted on the day you apply for them (or worse case 1 day later.) They’re typically suited for short term use, because they’re more expensive than longer term loans. Typically in the UK a same day loan’s interest can range from 40%-300%. Which means you can end up … Read more

Clover Credit Card Machine

Clover is a software and hardware company with a line of products to help business accept payments in store and online. They have three full point of sale machines, two credit card readers and a software platform to accept payments with no hardware. Their line of products covers point of sales, online ordering, gift cards, … Read more

The ABC’s of Car Loans. Everything you need to know about car finance now.

If you are looking to buy a car but don’t have the cash saved to buy yourself a car then there are a number of loan options to finance your new car. Typically your options for loans are: bank loans, finTech (Financial Technology non bank loans), car dealerships loans, brokers or using your mortgage or … Read more

Stonedale Partners Scam

Stonedale Partners are not a lender so be aware that they are a marketing company that send out pre approved offers of debt consolidation. The reviews of Stonedale Partners are pretty poor, they criticized for offering expensive debt relief programs. The way they work is they match consumers with a network of undisclosed network of … Read more