An examination of the average American budget – and suggestions on how the average American may begin saving more

It’s no secret that many folks struggle to make ends meet.76 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, which means that many people make significantly more or less than the typical American. If folks below that income level can make ends meet, it goes to reason that the average American’s budget has items that can … Read more

A Guide to Getting Rid of Unwanted Objects

One of the first things I did as I started to right my financial ship was sell off a lot of items that were taking up room in my closet. I tried a variety of methods to get rid of them. Here are some of the most significant findings I made. Your time is valuable. … Read more

What Are The Best IRA Accounts of 2022?

TD Ameritrade is a top online broker for both trading and long-term investing. Fees $0.00 Minimum Deposit $0.00796 out of 1,000 for customer satisfaction TD Ameritrade is a top online broker for both trading and long-term investing. You have access to whatever resource you need as a client, from banking services to complex trading tools, … Read more

The top 5 credit monitoring services of 2021

Identity Guard Check Rates are the best overall. The plans offered by Identity Guard are extremely cost-effective.Choose the Total or Ultra package if you want both credit monitoring and identity theft protection. Premium Plan: $8.99 With options that accommodate to various budgets and conditions, Identity Guard has secured 47 million identities. Identity Guard is all … Read more

10 Things You Need to Do Before You Start Investing

Make no mistake: laying the framework for investing is something that anyone can do with a little time and effort. It only takes a little time, a little study, and a little self-evaluation to get there. Before you invest in anything other than your savings account or retirement plan, there are ten things you should … Read more

How to Make Money on Etsy Selling Crafts

Have you ever knitted a scarf for your child, crafted jewelry, or sewn clothes for them?Can you make a seat out of scrap wood, shoot interesting shots, or make a picture frame out of it?Or do you have an eye for vintage fashion and know where to find it at a fair price? If you’re … Read more

2021’s Top Online Stock Trading Brokers

In 2021, there will be six leading online brokers for stock trading. The best cheap broker is Public.Charles Schwab: The best customer care and supportE* TRADE: Best trader resourcesTD Ameritrade is the best option for new traders.SoFi Invest is the best place to invest in fractional shares. What is the definition of an online stock … Read more

Six Reasons to Hire a Financial Planner (and Three Reasons Not to)

What is does a financial planner do? Financial planners are industry specialists that assist individuals and businesses in making financial plans for the future.These professionals can assist you with managing an investment portfolio, purchasing stocks and other investments, providing investment advice, creating a plan to achieve a financial objective, and planning for retirement. People hire … Read more

College vs. Trade School: Disadvantages of College Education Length: Four (or More) Years vs. Two Years

For starters, a bachelor’s degree normally takes four years to complete, implying that persons who enter the employment after getting a bachelor’s degree are typically not doing so until they are 22 years old.This cuts years off a person’s career and can be regarded an opportunity cost for getting hands-on experience in the’real world’ rather … Read more

Patriot Funding debt consolidation reviews

Patriot Funding is a marketing company that sends out ‘pre-approved’ mailers that indicate a very cheap debt consolidation loan but it is not legitimate. Patriot funding is not a lender and makes money connecting you to real lenders but the loans are usually very predatory and the rates are much higher than the fake pre … Read more